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Static the Rock Legend by JediAnnSolo Static the Rock Legend :iconjediannsolo:JediAnnSolo 2 1 Caught a... a, uhh... by JediAnnSolo Caught a... a, uhh... :iconjediannsolo:JediAnnSolo 64 43 Neo-Yurt [WIP] by JediAnnSolo Neo-Yurt [WIP] :iconjediannsolo:JediAnnSolo 20 10 Her first winter here by JediAnnSolo Her first winter here :iconjediannsolo:JediAnnSolo 34 9 AGENCY DAY 3: Act III pg27 by JediAnnSolo AGENCY DAY 3: Act III pg27 :iconjediannsolo:JediAnnSolo 36 44 Redrawing that meme with that made-up couple by JediAnnSolo Redrawing that meme with that made-up couple :iconjediannsolo:JediAnnSolo 14 21 a Berserk crossover by JediAnnSolo a Berserk crossover :iconjediannsolo:JediAnnSolo 37 30 Camila: Take in that victory by JediAnnSolo Camila: Take in that victory :iconjediannsolo:JediAnnSolo 8 5 Can't fit in the jumpsuit anymore by JediAnnSolo Can't fit in the jumpsuit anymore :iconjediannsolo:JediAnnSolo 57 14 AGENCY DAY 3: Act III pg26 by JediAnnSolo AGENCY DAY 3: Act III pg26 :iconjediannsolo:JediAnnSolo 41 59 Minimal Cast by JediAnnSolo Minimal Cast :iconjediannsolo:JediAnnSolo 39 24 Electric snuggles by JediAnnSolo Electric snuggles :iconjediannsolo:JediAnnSolo 73 48 Vinesauce/Miitopia: Dominic helps the crew by JediAnnSolo Vinesauce/Miitopia: Dominic helps the crew :iconjediannsolo:JediAnnSolo 70 17 AGENCY DAY 3: Act III pg 25 by JediAnnSolo AGENCY DAY 3: Act III pg 25 :iconjediannsolo:JediAnnSolo 51 62 Georgette Foxworth by JediAnnSolo Georgette Foxworth :iconjediannsolo:JediAnnSolo 71 12 AGENCY DAY 3: Act III pg24 by JediAnnSolo AGENCY DAY 3: Act III pg24 :iconjediannsolo:JediAnnSolo 48 73


What If - Prepare for the Tournament of Power by MalikStudios What If - Prepare for the Tournament of Power :iconmalikstudios:MalikStudios 126 7 Old photos of children XD  by klaudiapasqui Old photos of children XD :iconklaudiapasqui:klaudiapasqui 6 2 Baby Maria and baby Nez by klaudiapasqui Baby Maria and baby Nez :iconklaudiapasqui:klaudiapasqui 5 1 Heat 24 final  by klaudiapasqui Heat 24 final :iconklaudiapasqui:klaudiapasqui 6 3
Heat 24
Von Barke was, in fact, dead in a couple of days. Shadow shoved his hands in his pockets fiddling with leftover change and a gift as he looked at the closed, cherry wood casket.
“After all that talk, you barely bit. It’s kinda funny,” he said, scratching at his ear. “Alright, lower him in and grab a shovel.” He continued, looking at his men and rolling his sleeves up.
Funerals were supposed to be a somber affair, a loved one gone from the material world. It was ironic for the whole thing to be quick, no mourners, just an unmarked grave, and utter relief.
Shadow closed the door behind him, reaching down to pet Rune as the houndoom ran towards him. He stopped in the doorway of the kitchen, asking, “What are you doing here?”
Sandy smiled, getting up from her seat at the table. “I wanted to talk to you ‘bout somethin’. Ya left the key under the mat, so I let myself in.”
“Breaking and entering aside,” he repli
:iconsaints-fan-12:saints-fan-12 3 2
Re-draw a panel from T3LP, second-to-last day by TheBourgyman Re-draw a panel from T3LP, second-to-last day :iconthebourgyman:TheBourgyman 238 8
Heat 23
The weeks passed by rather slowly. Sandy was finally out of the hospital and everything was mostly back to normal.
“So, what’re we doin’ about Von Barke?” Sandy asked, shuffling cards and then dealing them three ways.
“I always figured something like this would happen, so,” Shadow started, glancing at his cards. “lucky for you, I have a plan.”
“Oh, really?” Static asked, sighing and putting his cards down. “I fold, also, real weird you already planned your former boss’s death.”
Shadow shrugged. “It’s efficient,”
“It’s both, adds a certain charm,” Sandy said, pushing a few chips forward.
“So now he’s charming? Boss, we need to get your priorities straight. I thought the whole life-saving thing was a good start.” Static said, looking at both of them.
Shadow put his cards down, asking, “How have you won five times in a row?”
Static held his chin i
:iconsaints-fan-12:saints-fan-12 3 4
Heat 22
“My baby!” Jodi cried, throwing her arms around Sandy. “We were so worried,”
Sandy groaned. She loved her mom honest, but sometimes, like now, she was overbearing. At this point, Sandy was sick of being hugged.
“Ma, I’m fine.” She said, “Doc already said I’d be able to walk in a few weeks.” She looked at her dad for help, a bit thankful Randy kept himself busy by getting food from the cafeteria, lessening her chances of him almost not letting go.
Kenneth put a hand on his wife’s shoulder, separating them. “She’s right, hon. Matter of fact, she’s the picture of. . .almost health n been through worse with her lil stunts.” He said, shrugging.
“Alright fine, but if ya need somethin’, Mama’s right here.”
“Ma,” Sandy whined, moving into her wheelchair. “Much as I ‘preciate it, I ain’t—” she stopped, looking at the shark that had walked in
:iconsaints-fan-12:saints-fan-12 3 6
Angecy : old photo  by klaudiapasqui Angecy : old photo :iconklaudiapasqui:klaudiapasqui 9 3 Agency: mother shadow  by klaudiapasqui Agency: mother shadow :iconklaudiapasqui:klaudiapasqui 7 3 Agency: shadow children  by klaudiapasqui Agency: shadow children :iconklaudiapasqui:klaudiapasqui 9 6 Nazo and Clara dance fight  by klaudiapasqui Nazo and Clara dance fight :iconklaudiapasqui:klaudiapasqui 6 3
Mature content
Heat 21 :iconsaints-fan-12:saints-fan-12 4 4
NICE! by Reikiwie NICE! :iconreikiwie:Reikiwie 130 27
Heat 20
Clara and Nazo were smooth, each move precise and their theme: innocence and love palpable.
“Stop fidgeting,” Shadow mumbled. “You’re making me nervous.”
Sandy breathed, tugging at her sleeves until Shadow grabbed her hand. She squeezed, letting out another breath to calm herself. “So, our theme, run it by me again.” She said, watching Nazo lift Clara. It was like something out of a painting.
“Us,” Shadow answered, glancing at her. “Rivalry, hate, jealousy, protection, love. Just a taste of what we’ve been through.”
Sandy smiled, rubbing her thumb against his knuckles. “What was that last one again?” she asked.
“Rivalry,” he said, watching the crowd cheer and throw flowers as Nazo and Clara bowed.
In the beginning, they were rivals. A full leg drag as the music started, moving forward, repeat, moving back to their original spot. Her hand gripping his shoulder like her life depended on it
:iconsaints-fan-12:saints-fan-12 5 9
IF 3 by Koumi-senpai IF 3 :iconkoumi-senpai:Koumi-senpai 531 21


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I've devoted a lot of my free time to fanart until getting to the point that it's hard to stop. Professional artists might see that as a fault sometimes. But it's been effective practice. AGENCY is the biggest fanfiction I've ever made and quite possibly the last before I move on to broader pastures. I love seeing that people are enjoying the story and I hope some are willing to stick around and watch me beyond that.


Static the Rock Legend
A commission created for 43501 some time ago that I forgot to upload here! Whoops, sorry dear! I'm glad I put it up on my blog right after I finished it, though.

This picture technically birthed the new way I shade AGENCY pages now. Though I wanted to get a colorist for them, life got in the way for the both of us. Nothing new there! So I'm reteaching myself how to work in Photoshop to make things as efficient as possible until we can work together again! :)
245 deviations
AGENCY DAY 3: Act III pg27
<-- Previous Page | ...
[Start reading from the beginning]

EDIT: Page is now complete! Sorry if the thumbnail excited you and made you think there was a new page. I did change the dialogue a little bit, so it's worth re-reading anyway. Next page, we'll step out of this dark room and briefly focus on a differently colored squirrel...

Taking so long to do things feels so disgusting now. But as sad of a feeling that is, maybe it'll get me to do whatever it takes to make the most of my available time. There are still people who are going to be rude about it, leave me for my pace and criticize me. That's fine. It's well-deserved. I've done a crappy job at keeping a work ethic. But bottom line is that this isn't my job. AGENCY has fallen to about 9th on my priority list and it'll stay that way as long as life keep throwing its wrenches. Thanks, all.
Caught a... a, uhh...
Taking a break from using the computer all day is not such a bad thing, I guess. Look what happens!
Part of a traditional art commission bundle. Colored pencils on bad choice of paper. :thumbsup:
Currently closing theAGENCYfans group. Thanks to everyone who submitted anything to it!!! :heart: I don't receive the amount of fanart I used to get to justify having a group dedicated to it anymore. And I also don't have time to run a group. Send me a mention instead, if you ever want me to see your fanwork!


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Hey there! :la:

Nice art :wow:  If you're ever looking to share your work with other people, live, you should check out #ThumbHub on dAmn (Did you know we had a chat system!? A lot of people don't :( ) We get a lot of great artists popping in to share their work and it varies from Traditional art, to photography, to poetry :) Also a great place to gain more exposure for your art AND to make some new friends xx

Hope to see you there some time :heart:

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