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January 1


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First of all, Happy New Year, everyone!
I hope you spent a safe and positive one. :)

Second of all, I want to explain what has happened during my absence and why there was one in the first place.

At first, it was really only a simple system issue. I had two different problems with my computer and my software at once. I got them more or less resolved until I reached a more important issue: my health.

In between being bedridden for half a week with a very severe cold, I encountered sort of a nerve ending problem with my feet. I couldn't stand up or set my feet down without being in excruciating pain. I went to my doctor twice and to the emergency room in a wheelchair and all three times no one could explain what's going on with me. I've had x-rays and blood tests and I'm waiting for results from an MRI (my first one ever-- those things are tough!) and I've been on three different prescription medicines. It's not really a fun feeling knowing that the doctors you depend on are a little stumped on what to do for you.

In this entire process, I've sort of stopped doing what I love. I stopped drawing and writing. And that's brought a lot of anxiety and sadness to me. I'm on my way to experiencing a great turnaround in my lifetime and I realized in the past week that I can't possibly have one without facing adversity.

Adversity is not fun. It's absolutely NOT fun. But it is necessary. And why moan and groan about it to anyone who has no impact on the situation? That's why I haven't journaled in a long time.

I'm writing this to let you guys know I'm alive. :D Very much alive. And I will share some good news and some bad news about this deviantART gallery.

BAD NEWS: There is going to be a little lack of communication. I sometimes took pride on the fact that I rarely let a question, comment or critique go unanswered and that I would address a compliment with a sincere thank you. I want to continue doing that for you guys. But I pretty much only received those comments whenever I would post something. Lately there's been a silence. And that's because I haven't been posting very often. I would visit my message center every single day hoping for comments that weren't gonna be there because I haven't been putting up anything for you to comment about. So I am going to be visiting dA very scarcely from now on unless I'm putting up a picture or any sort of entry. Not because I'm ignoring you guys or think little of anything you have done for me... but because I want to be productive towards other things that will benefit my well-being and health.

GOOD NEWS: I will not stop drawing or writing. AGENCY may be a fan comic, but I still put a lot of love for what I do and what my childhood was in this story. You guys have been so great to me. I hope not an upload goes by without you all knowing how much you mean to me and why I do what I do. But I want to try something different. Rather than update one page once a week, I want to update several pages in a row once per month. This system will help me work out a schedule of consistency throughout the whole week. The script has lately called for a number of little subplots that would be much easier to illustrate if I worked on them from beginning to end rather than page by page. I am going to attempt this system for the next three months to see if there is any improvement in story progression. I know this sort of sounds like bad news, but it's not! I think this can work if I do it right. If it doesn't work within the three months, I will end it. But I am confident.

Listen, everyone. The most important thing in the world to me is to not be average. The average person lets uncertainty haunt them at night. The average person quits when the going gets tough. The average person mocks successful and wonderful people just for doing things the average person would never do. The average person makes a New Years resolution without setting goals to make that resolution happen. I am done being average. It's BORING! No offense if you match the description of anything I just said, but isn't it boring? Isn't it stressful? Irresponsible? It was for me! And I am done.

This is going to be the best year yet.
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BlackHoleInAJar Jan 14, 2014  Professional General Artist
Wishing the best for you.:)
I pray that the doctors will be able to figure out what's going on with your feet and fix it.
JediAnnSolo Feb 2, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Me too. :)
Sorain26 Jan 9, 2014  Student General Artist
Oh and I hope you have a pleasant New Year :hug:.
Sorain26 Jan 9, 2014  Student General Artist
I hope you feel better soon and that the Doctors find out whats wrong.
Scribble-Mouse Jan 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I hope you start to feel better. You're always so optimistic no matter what and that's what I appreciate about you the most. Hope you have a great year!
Annonymous-unknown Jan 2, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist

As long as you don't abandon your profile like many other great artists have, I will still follow and, I'm sure, many other people will; despite your inability to respond as frequently as you used to. I wish the best of luck to you and your health.

Sanguen Jan 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Great to see you´re back!^^
SHE'S ALIVE! SHE'S ALIIIIIIIIVE!!! :excited: :yay: balloon :spongebob: :yay: Yay -New shading style- OMGsqueeeee.... Happy Hop :LaCanFLYYY: :happyclap: :bounce: Yay :yay: 
I'm glad to see you online again :)

I was actually getting a little nervous. That something was wrong.
From three deadpools to one superior deviant, get better and do what u love, your comic and art is some of the best iv seen
I solute you and support you
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