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All This Blue by JediAnnSolo
All This Blue
Hey, I found another oldie! Now, this one has a history to it. You can tell it's very unfinished (also that I was scared of hands) and it's partly because this was meant to be part of a series of pictures depicting all the main AGENCY characters in a more "traditional" noir-ish role. The dame, the sleuth, the bruiser, the Girl Friday, the mobster, etc etc. Never got around to finishing it. I guess I just fell out of love with the idea.

But at least I kept this one picture for you to look at. :-)
Spelunking by JediAnnSolo
Here's an oldie! This was when I was still trying to find my style. I can tell because Sandy has a bigger head than usual and she actually has defined breasts (even if they are still small. Maybe I imagined her after having kids, or something. I mean, it kinda looks like she's wearing a ring).

Anyway, yes. I found this after cleaning out some of my old stuff. If I find anything else that's interesting, I'll share it. :)
Hey, everyone! I've been doing a little bit of re-reading of the comic and I realized there are quite a few instances in which I had copy+pasted dialogue from the old script to the new, changes I made in the recent past that muddle continuity or... some past dialogue that doesn't make sense because I no English very good back then. SO IT'S EDITING TIME! I will make a list here for easy access so you guys don't have to read the entire story over again. Unless you want to. :)


AGENCY DAY 1 - pg 15 by JediAnnSolo 
DAY 1, Page 15: Krystal's previous description of Meï failed to mention that she ONCE worked for Fox, but she no longer does. I also reworded Krystal's description of the event.

AGENCY DAY 1 - pg17 by JediAnnSolo
DAY 1, Page 17: Krystal previously mentioned the name of a character from the old script that no longer has a place in the story.

AGENCY DAY 1 - pg18 by JediAnnSolo
DAY 1, Page 18: Reworded the first 3 panels. Sandy was too aware of her cockiness here to the point that some of her future actions would not make sense. Also, added a little bit more of a clue on why Sandy thought Krystal found her through an unreliable source.

AGENCY DAY 1 - pg29 by JediAnnSolo
DAY 1, Page 29: Reworded some of Krystal's dialogue and changed the date of the party, which was incorrectly written as Wednesday.

AGENCY DAY 2 - pg21 by JediAnnSolo
DAY 2, Page 21: Changed last 3 panels because I no good English. Dialogue was previously confusing and Krystal did not clearly explain to Sandy why she was keeping her involvement hidden from Meï.

AGENCY DAY 2 - pg22 by JediAnnSolo
DAY 2, Page 22: Once again, fixing the party date that I screwed up.

AGENCY DAY 2 - pg39 by JediAnnSolo
DAY 2, Page 39: Fixed boxes to slightly differentiate Shadow's dialogue from Sandy's. Also added dialogue to emphasize Sandy's trust in Krystal's hunch.
AGENCY DAY 3: Act II pg47 by JediAnnSolo
AGENCY DAY 3: Act II pg47
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[Start reading from the beginning]

Finally wrapping up this act. The next couple of pages will be Agent 000 gathering some final details about the "traitor's" true identity before we move on to the first "Wham Chapter" (actually, no, I think it counts more as Mood Whiplash instead...). I'm kind of excited.

Still had been short on time to do anything but the pages. But that's changing, at least just for this month! I will be in a transitional period of no employment for the next 3 weeks as I transfer to another position. That means more progress and more goodies for you!

JediAnn Solo's tumblr


Annie I.
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United States
I've devoted a lot of my free time to fanart until getting to the point that it's hard to stop. Professional artists will most likely see that as a fault in me. But it's been effective practice. AGENCY is the biggest fanfiction I've ever made and quite possibly the last before I move on to broader pastures. I love seeing that people are enjoying the story and I hope some are willing to stick around and watch me beyond that.

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christian145 Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2014  Student General Artist
hey, have you ever tried 3d modeling one of your characters just for the fun of it?
I got this to work:…
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CrispyTurtl3 Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Happy 10'th anniversary on Deviant art! I look back through your gallery, and my oh my, how you have improved! I would be about the same if i kept up, but I guess i just have too much going on to continue art as often :p Happy 10th!!!
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TheStaticStalker Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Have you ever heard of a deviant named ButtonsMaker? He makes fan buttons for :iconallthethingsplz: all sorts of things. I would seem to think that mrrbe you could request a few for your comic strip. Limit 7, though, cuz he gets a lot of requests.

Of course, you need to make one for the comic itself. But if you had to pick 6 characters for individuals, who would you pick?
purrsonally, if i were you, my choices would be Sandy, Shadow, Stat, Fox, Panther, and Krystal.
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SPRTN Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2014
Silly question but do you ever imagine Shadow as Vegeta? :'D
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Matticusmadness Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2014
Quick question in lightness. What happened to the Formspring page? That site is actually still functional. It's at in case you decide to revive or make new.
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